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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Posted by:crystalcobweb.
Time:4:24 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
I sense your storm in the evening air,
This makes the presence of your absence easy to bear.
As the thunder claps and the lighting crashes,
The hope wells up as it drips from my lashes.

I catch the droplets of joy in my hand,
Though you blithely walk through some far-off land.
For though this storm hides all things from view,
I know this same rain is falling on you.

I can feel your breath in this moaning breeze.
It tangles my hair and rustles through trees.
These streaks of lightning are the glint in your eyes,
They shine through the storm to show starry skies.

But there is darkness behind all of these flashes,
Harsher than salt in these self-sustained gashes.
I've often been told that pain can bless,
But there is a bittersweet sigh in this imagined caress.

For this wind and this rain will never be you
And your likeness with leave when the sun shines through.
Now, the rain ends and I know you have left.
The clouds clear and so I'm bereft.

Comments? Criticisms?
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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Subject:Depressive warblings...
Posted by:crystalcobweb.
Time:6:05 pm.
Mood: discontent.
She's dying slowly,
But it's not as it seems.
This body is hers,
But she lives in dreams.

You'll find her 'neath the willow tree,
she'll be ever waiting there thee.
She'll smile sadly as you pass her by;
She'll smile sadly as she starts to fly.

She's deep in her hole
She's high in the sky.
She loves to live
She can't wait to die.

These dreams of hers cannot abide
They've faded slowly for each tear she's cried.
But still she waits ever there for thee
Longing for that which may never be.

ehh...not so good, n'est-ce pas?
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Thursday, May 20th, 2004

Posted by:crystalcobweb.
Time:4:12 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
In keeping with the theme of the community, I've decided to post my recently written sonnet. This is my first attempt at one, so bear with me.

Once informed that love was impending,
I was sure my dreams would draw it near.
Yet now it seems that this hope is ending
and life without love is still my one fear.

For when one's life is lived without beauty,
It can only end with eternal death.
But to live forever is the true artist's duty,
and love is what gives the immortal breath.

This passion for passion within me burns.
I wander the aether searching for love.
My sole companion -- the phantom who yearns,
who tries deliv'ring the peace-bringing dove.

But to want is to know love completely,
it always is nigh, however discreetly.

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

Posted by:kill_me_quickly.
Time:10:26 pm.
we're alike, me and you
in more ways than those that only touch the surface
it's deep down in our souls
(and even to the pits of our stomaches-
they are tied in the same interlacing knot
that does not loosen its' grip for any bond
or obligation)
but i never would've commited a non-commitment
in the manner in which you choked up those lies
and expelled such dripping deception
that has stained my dimished ability to trust
anyone or any possibility of hope
it now breaks the once practical idea of love
for myself or even a deserving person
that lives by breathing in life and beauty
instead of one who dies by destroying
and crushing the thing i call coping
and thinking of you makes it harder to see past the present
as if the future is already laid out and planned:
i am destined to fear my dreams that wake me from my sleep
i am doomed to go through life unnoticed and undeserving
of this pain that drains my eyes dry
and my veins so they're tapped out of blood
that once flowed so intensely,
like my vitality
but as i have come to learn in these short years,
trust is destruction
and thinking is a death wish
so i'm forced to want only one force to go through my mind:
a speeding bullet.
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Posted by:crystalcobweb.
Time:10:10 pm.
We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down.

We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o'erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world's worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

Ode - Arthur O'Shaughnessy

I feel this is appropriate for the first post of the community.

Let us seize this opportunity and take the artistic world by storm.
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LiveJournal for the_wordsmiths.

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